Virginia  AUXCOMM  Association
Training Certificate Transfer
The standard for AUXCOMM designation is the completion of the "core four", ICS-100, 200, 700 and 800.  In Virginia we also encourage the completion of a course for practical operation such as the ARRL-001 and for management, the ARRL-016.  The EC-002 and 003 are no longer offered but we encourge you to send your file with your certificates if you have completed the courses.  If the cost of the ARRL courses are a problem, you may use the KYARES Emergency Communications Course

Instructions:  Click the "Transfer Button".  You will then have an email form appear.

Click on the "Attachment" button, load up to 4 files per submission.  If you plan to submit more than 4 files.  Send multible submissions.  These records will be maintained by the Records Administrator, Frank Howard, WB1USN.

You may use PDF or jpeg type files for your submissions.  If you have completed
the  DHS AUXCOMM course you will not need to submit your ICS-100, 200, 700 or 800.  Just submit your AUXCOMM certificate. Your ICS "core four" courses have already been documented at the VDEM and DHS.

You will need to send the ICS-100, ICS-200, ICS-700 and ICS-800 if you have not completed the AUXCOMM course.  If you do not have your certificates for ICS courses, you may order a copy of your transcript from the FEMA Emergency Management Institute;  This transcript will serve as your documentation.

If you have completed the ARRL EC-001,EC-002, EC-003 and EC-16 please send a copy of those certificates.  If you have completed the KY ARES training course please submit your certificate on that course.  Submit your SKYWARN certicates as well.