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Church History

On December 26, 1907, Mrs. Minnie Pepper deeded to the German Baptist Brethren a lot on which to build a church.  This deed is recorded in Deed Book No. 56, page 227, Circuit Court, Virginia, having been recorded on January 9, 1908.  About this time the name of the congregation was changed to the Church of the Brethren.  The original pen written deed is among the papers of John W. “Simp” Poff, one of the first trustees, and is now in the possession of his granddaughter, Mrs. Leora Reed.

The first trustees wee appointed by the court on January 15, 1909 and were John W. “Simp” Poff, W. R. (Bill) Nolley, and John L. Nolley.  On January 20, 1909, just five days after the trustee board was named and approved by the court, they were ask to borrow $350.00 to start building the church.  Under their leadership and unselfish devotion, the church was built.

Before the completion of the church building, services were held in the home of brother “Bill” Nolley.  Reverend Davis Nolley, son of W. R. (Bill) Nolley, remembers helping to saw blocks on which to lay boards for the first communion tables when the Love Feast was held at his home.

In its early days the church was served by several student ministers and pastors of the “Free Ministry”.  In 1933 the church called its first full-time pastor, Brother W. Harold W. Row.  Serving the Church for a period of seventeen years was Brother Edgar S. Martin.  Those called to the ministry from the Christiansburg Church have been Davis Nolley, L. C. Duncan, H. S. Spradling, Edgar S. Martin, Ralph Spradling, Roy Sumner, Steve Howard, Jerry Hylton and Sid Plalmer.

In 1922 the first Women’s Group was organized.  As the congregation has increased in membership other groups have been organized.  One Circle was named in honor of Mrs. Annie Wickham, wife of John Wickham, who carried out the wishes of her husband by making a substantial gift to the church.  This provided funds for the purchase of the first parsonage which was located in Lee Hy Court.  Other circles were organized and named about the same time the Men’s Fellowship and C. B. Y. F. were organized.  These groups have grown along with the progress of the church.

Around 1953 it was necessary to expand the church facilities if further growth and expansion were desired.  A Church Planning Committee was appointed.  They made a study of the needs of the congregation and planned a building program.  After successfully fund raising endeavors, the Church Building Counselor for the Brotherhood met with the Congregation.  He was requested to submit plans for a new church building.  Our present church building was dedicated December 14, 1958, and is the end result of this meeting.  A new parsonage was built on the site of the old church building.

Ten full-time pastors have served the Christiansburg in its 110 years of existence. 

Brothers:  Harold Row1933 – 1936(3 years)
    Clarence Bowman 1936-1938   (2years)
    Oscar Bowman      1938-1941   (4 years)
     Paul Swigart         1941-1942  (1 year)
     Joe Riessch          1942-1948  (6 years)
     Edgar Martin         1948-1965         (17 years)
     Edgar Martin         1948-1987         (3 years as Interim Pastor)
     Brother Edgar was named Lifetime Honorary Pastor.

Other Pastors include: 
        Robert Jones    1965-1968
        Beverly Smith   1968-1979
        Donald Flory     1979-1983
        Earl Stoval        1987-1991
        Donald Peters  1992-2016 
        Paul Stover, Jr  2019- present 
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