Exercise Forms
All forms that are in PDF format will require printing and filling out by hand.  This works good for filling out received messages and delivering to those in agencies.  The text forms will require bringing up, coping and pasting into Winlink or similar ham software.  Message in a text format will move faster than attached forms.   Save the form to a file and bring up the original form each time that you need to create an ICS-213 or Radiogram message.  Then type the new content following each label field on the form.

The Radio Log form will allow tracking information on formal written traffic and message notes on informal messages and tactical traffic.

The ICS-205 is used to list frequencies that will be used in the event.  This form needs to be completed for each participating area  and sent it here .

The ICS-213 form will be used for traffic between agencies and must be in plain language.    Use plain language only.

The ICS-214 form provides for tracking all agencies and resources in the event or drill.

Prior to the drill it would be ideal to print out a copy of each form and become familiar with them.

Winlink Express

Many of these forms are available in the software "Winlink Express".  You may use these forms and only the information text will be sent.  If the receiving stations do not have Winlink Express, the content will show as a text message.