The Virginia AUXCOMM Association
Is an umbrella organization to provide information, resources and coordination for Amateur Radio groups in the Commonwealth of Virginia that support emergency communications response to various agencies.

The registration on this page is for any EmComm group in Virginia.  This is an interactive registration that you can update at anytime.  Your group leaders will have access to your group's information and can printout needed reports.  You can also change your availability status at will. 
Iron Mountain Jubilee Endurance Ride-2021

We will be providing communications for this horse riding event on August 27 and 28th of 2019.  The event is starting at the Triple C Farm Camp Ground on the Cripple Creek Road (Route 602).  We will need volunteer hams to provide communications along a 55 mile route and 25 route on Friday and on Saturday it will be a 50 and 25 mile route.  We are also invited to the evening meal on Friday and Saturday nights.  The meals will also be at the Triple C Camp Ground.  The website for this event is found at   More details will follow.  We will use the N4DN linked system.

Maps for Day1, Day2, Time list

Check back here often:

Communicators 2021 Ride; to volunteer, Click here!


Randy Lilly, KE4Rl            Friday and Saturday#1  Base- Net Control

Frank Howard, WB1USN  Friday and Saturday #1 Base-Net Control     
             Friday and Saturday Vet Check
  Friday and Saturday  #2 Alpha (Collins Cove)

  Friday and Saturday  #2 Alpha (Collins Cove)

             Friday                             #3 Bravo 602-Yellow Branch Trail

  Friday                             #3 Bravo 602-Yellow Branch Trail

  Friday#4 Charle 602- Day Use Parking Lot            
  Friday and SaturdayRide Manager Shadow

       Friday    #5 Delta 

       Saturday  #1 Net Control   

  Saturday                                #2  FoxTrot Base- Vet Reports

       Saturday             #3 Bravo South end of double loop

       Saturday             #4 Echo Far CC Camp Road
Endurance Rides 2022

No Frills Ride on the 3rd Friday and Saturday of April (April 22-23)

OD Ride on the 2ndThursday, Friday and Saturday of June (June 9-12)

Iron Mountain on the 4th Friday and Saturday of August (August 27-28)

Fort Valley Ride on the 4th Friday and Saturday of October (Oct 28-29)
New River Trail Events-Register with the Endurance Ride Button

Triathlon on September

50 K Run October