The Twin County (Carroll, Grayson and the City of Galax Virginia) Winlink digipeater/node is located on Point Lookout Mountain, near Independence, Virginia.  This mountain top location is at a ground elevation of about 4550 feet above sea level with the B-2 Brute Antenna mounted at about 60 above ground.  We are the guest of Grayson County Virginia at their public service repeater location.

The digi/node is on VHF. (Two Meters) at a frequency of 145.570.  The node equipment consist of a Yaesu FT-2800M transceiver with over 70 watts of output and the TNC is a Kantronics KPC-3 Plus.  The antenna is a B-2 Brute.  The node address is PTLOND (W4GHS-3) with the digi address of W4GHS-5 .

The primary reason for this digipeater is to support emergency communications by extending the range of two gateways on the frequency of 145.57.  One is the W4GHS-10 located 8 air miles east of Hillsville Virginia at an elevation of 2700 feet.  The second is WK4W-10 in Marion Virginia in Smyth County.  There is also a digi on Walker Mountain (WK4W-3) at an elevation of 3800 feet that can serve either the W4GHS-10 or WK4W-10 gateways.  With this system the Virginia Highlands and Mount Rogers Wilderness area can be covered by Winlink and VHF/UHF voice in times of emergency.  This area has peaks over a mile high and valleys that poise real communications challenges to public service communications and cell phone coverage. 

In Carroll County alone this system supports Winlink that has been installed in the E-911 Center for the Twin Counties, Laurel Rescue Squad, Dugspur Rescue Squad, Carroll County Search and Rescue, Carroll County Emergency Medical Serivices, Carroll County EOC located at the sheriff's offfice.  There are 10 additonal installtions pending in other public service buidings in Carroll County.

If you need additional information on how to use this Winlink system, please contact Glen Sage, W4GHS at and I would be glad to mail you detailed instructions. 

This photo shows Michael Hackler installing. the new stand-off on the 130 foot tower on Point Lookout Mountain.
This is a photo of the digi/node equipment in the Grayson County Public Service Site on Point Lookout Mountain..
Installing the 3 element beam on Walker Mountain digi/node
The rack with the WK4W-3 digi located on Walker Mountain
Top view of the WK4W with the enclosure