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Descendants of James & Lovis Ott Sage of the Elk Creek section of Grayson County Virginia!
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Oct. 8, 2011
My Sage family line in North America begins with James Sage of Elk Creek in Grayson County Virginia. The earliest records that we have on James Sage, "The Settler" was found in his old notebook made with a home tanned leather binding and this book is still owned by a descendant. James recorded that he was born near London England about 1749. He referred to Shepton Mallet, which is located in Somerset county of England as his "dwelling place." He also recorded in his notebook, "James Sage, Baker for His Majesty, King George III. He made a notation about his departure from England, this reads, James Sage, Baker, from London 23 July, 1773. James was sentenced to transportation. He sailed on the Tayloe and the Captain was John Ogilvy. James was sent to the "New World" as a sentence for misconduct. He was charged with Theft: Simple Grand Larceny on July 7, 1773.  James was then sentenced for "transport" was for seven years. His crime was that of stealing a shirt and two linen shifts with a value of 3 shillings. He was accused of being a lookout during a break-in.  Sentencing people to transport was a a common practice for even minor infractions of the law. This may also explain why he was willing to serve in the Revolution against King George III. Even though the sentence was for 7 years of indentured servanthood, they were unable to return to England under threat of capital punishment.

James arrived in Williamsburg on the James River along with 130 other servants on October 7, 1773. Prior to 1780, he came out the lower section of the "Great Wagon Road" that stretches from eastern Pa. through the Shenandoah Valley into the New River Valley. James settled in the New River Valley in the late 1770's on Cripple Creek near where it empties into the New River. It was here that he met his wife-to-be, Lovis Ott. Lovis was the daughter of a German settler, Sylvester Ott (Utt). James and Lovis were married in Montgomery County (now Wythe County) on December 25, 1780. James was the administrator for the estate of Sylvester Ott and at the time of Sylvester's death around 1803, Sylvester owned 60 acres of land on the New River at the edge of Peak Creek in Wythe County (currently Pulaski County) but was living in Grayson County when he died.

James and Lovis Ott Sage Grave site in Elk Creek Virginia.  James was born on August 26, 1749 in Shepton Mallet England.  James died March 17, 1820.  Lovis Ott Sage  died on August 28, 1854.  She was nearly 100 years old at her death.
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