Emergency Communication
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Virginia SouthBears Training Site

Information on this site is to provide training aids to those involved in supporting the efforts of emergency communcations in response to disaster.  Virginia Baptists work to provide relief to those who find themselves victims of disasters in Virginia, the U.S. and around the world. We work in partnership with the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Baptist conventions, agencies and other national and international partners to bring relief and hope to those in need.
Response Fleet
Listing of Resources Prepared to  Respond.
Virginia Winlink
WinLink in
Lesson One
Introduction to Emergency Communications-Lesson One
Lesson Two
Understanding Basics for Other Emergency Communications Groups- Lesson Two
Lesson Three
Understanding Emergency Net Protocol- Lesson Three
Lesson Four
Basic Communications Skills- Lesson  Four
Lesson Five
Message Handling and Forms-
Lesson Five
Photos and Forms
SouthBears, Photos, Forms &
Lesson Six
Preparing for Deployment
Lesson Six
Activation Status: Watch here for activation status for 2012! !

Click here to read about the Gustav and Ike activation-2008
Lesson Seven
Non-Ham Communications System
Lesson Seven
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Lesson Eight
Activation and Deployment
Lesson Eight