The Virginia AUXCOMM Association
Is an umbrella organization to provide information, resources and coordination for Amateur Radio groups in the Commonwealth of Virginia that support emergency communications response to
various agencies.
The purpose for the AUXCOMM Association is to provide the framework for any and all radio emergency communications groups within the Commonwealth of Virginia to work together in drills and activations.  This co-operation allows for the fullest use of ham resources for those agencies that may need them.  This is not meant to compete with or replace the parent organizations that allow recruitment, response and co-operation with the local jurisdictions.

After you register as a member but not in a leadership role, go to the menu on the left and click on "Update Registration", This will give you the opportunity to update you contact information, training, availability, and other vital information.  When any of the information changes, you will be able to go into the registration page, login and make changes and then save the information.  Each time that you make a change in your information be sure and save your changes.

If you have registered as a leader, you will have the ability to list your own membership  information and you will be able to view the information on all the members of your group.  You can also run reports on your group's information. This data is hosted on a secure server site.   When you register as a group leader from any type of EmComm organization, send me an email by clicking here and you will be given "Manager Privileges".   In that email just let me know that you have registered in a leadership role.
There will be a Winter Simulated Emergency Test (SET) to be held on January 16, 2021.  For additional information and to register for participation, Click Here.  This drill is open to all those interested in emergency communicaitons.  The excercise name is "Operation The Big One".

We are in the midst organizing an AUXCOMM advisory committee that will put together the elements required to allow mutual support in times of major disasters.  Training and experience requirements and structure for activations will be agreed upon.  This is not a governing body for local units of the various organizations.  This is a group of teams that will work within the ICS structure in responding to emergencies or disasters.  They will have common training standards.  These local units will continue to recruit and operate their local responses and public service events in ways of their choosing or agencies requirements.  AUXCOMM will not be selecting local leaders or requiring reports from local leadership.  We will encourage all AUXCOMM members to keep their training information, contact information and availability current in the AUXCOMM/EmCOMM database.  
The registration on this page is for any EmComm or AUXCOMM group in Virginia.  This is an
interactive registration that you can update at anytime.  Your group leaders will have access to your group's information and can printout needed reports.  You can also change your availability status at will.