Winlink Registration

If you operate a Winlink station or gateway in Virginia and your are not listed correctly on this site, we would like for you to register here.  This is so that recreational travelers and those that are responding to a communications emergencies and have a VHF Winlink station will have gateway or local station information in areas across the Commonwealth.
SSID or dash number
Last Name:
Grid Square
County:  (Virginia)
Digi Freq
If you have multi-gateways or if your have gateways and a station please register each one on a separate form.  If you have a digi or node that can support your gateway, please list details in the comment section.
This page was last updated: December 29, 2014
Digi or Node Call
First Name
Station Elevation
Form Instructions:

CALL:   Enter you call if you are operating a Winlink Station, if you are registering a gateway list you call and the
SSID in the next field.
SSID:  Most gateways will be running an SSID of -10 and digis will usually run a -5.
First Name: Name of person
Last Name: Name of person
Grid Square:  Use the Grid that corresponds to the station, digi or gateway location that you are registering.
Station Elevation:  Not you home elevation unless the station is located at your home.
City:  City closest to the gateway, station or digi
County: County that the gateway, station or digi is located in.
Packet or Pactor:  Will allow us to know if the station is VHF/UHF or HF as well as mode
Digi Frequency:  Only if you rely on a digi to work the gateway or if you are using a digi to support your local gateway
Comments:  Use this section to enlarge on the details of your station, gateway, digi or node.