Winlink Virginia Support
This page was last updated: November 7, 2017
Winlink Support Volunteers and Mentors

We are currently looking for volunteers to assist groups or individuals seeking help in setting up and operating Winlink stations in Virginia.  Your skills may be in the area of Airmail, RMS (Radio Mail Servers), Paclink MP (Multi-Port) etc.  Help is needed from persons that are willing to tudor hams through setup and operation of new stations or gateways.  These may be home stations or those located at an agency.

The ideal situation would be to have a listing of volunteers located throughout the Commonwealth.  You may be willing to provide assistance via e-mail exchanges, phone calls or in person.
This page is designed to get hams that need mentoring together with those that have experience and skills that are willing to assist others.  We will use a single online form to capture information from both mentors and those seeking assistance.  We will then try to assist in getting mentors and those in need of assistance together.  We will hopefully pair people that live in the same general area.  You do not need to be an "expert" but if you have been successful in setting up and operating a Winlink station or gateway, you should be in a position to help others.
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