Operation Winter Fury
January 21, 2017
0900 until 1400
Simulated Emergency Test
This page was last updated: January 24, 2017
Winter Fury, West of the Blue Ridge Mountains
Operation Winter Fury, East of the Blue Ridge Mountains
Special note:  For sending Winlink to a MARS station, You must place //MARS R/ in the subject line.  If you are sending a message to a SHARES station you must place //SHARES R/ at the start of the subject line.  When you have sent the SHARES message, after the first time you will be entered into that station's "White Page" so you will not need to do it again for a year.
The use of IRLP through a Reflector will be available.  This Reflector will be 9214, the east-coast reflector that is located in Raleigh, NC.  These are IRLP repeaters or simplex stations in Virginia.